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2018-03-11 23::11 Sean "Dot Net" WoodsWebsite Outage and WTF is going on
Hi Folks,

The camping website was wiped out in a server upgrade gone horribly wrong. I am in the process of recovering the data and rewriting the code. I am also trying to figuring out some sort o (More)

2018-03-05 14::41 Pete SchechnerChanges to those Working Prefest Gates and Field Gates during Fest
Just to clarify, the email that you received from Hank Voightsberger is directed to those that work on the Gate Crews only. Everyone else is still with the Camping Groups they have worked on. I belie (More)

2018-03-05 10::27 Lisa Schwartz, Hank VoigtsbergerAn important message from Hank Voigtsberger
Greetings Camping Committee Volunteer, We wanted to let you know of some upcoming changes in the Security and Camping Committees of the Folk Festival. Because we host a relatively large population, w (More)

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