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Subject:Changes to those Working Prefest Gates and Field Gates during Fest
From:Pete Schechner
Date:March 5, 2018 2:41pm
Expires:April 1, 2018 12:00am

Just to clarify, the email that you received from Hank Voightsberger is directed to those that work on the Gate Crews only. Everyone else is still with the Camping Groups they have worked on.
I believe it also affects Field Supervisors during regular Fest and the Crew Chiefs during Prefest. It was not clear if it included OPS Supervisors.

Everyone else is status quo.

My apologies but I had no part in crafting the email you received.

Pete Schechner

The email from Hank to summarize, Field Gate Crews, Prefest Gate Crews, regular Fest Field Supervisors, Prefest Gates Crew Chiefs and Camping Internal Security have been asked to go over to the Security Committee. I believe the email gave a link to connect with them.

If you have questions on how things will work contact them. It was a little unclear how it all would work when I was told about it.

Again, sorry.


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