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Subject:Website Outage and WTF is going on
Date:March 11, 2018 11:11pm
From:Sean "Dot Net" Woods
Hi Folks,

The camping website was wiped out in a server upgrade gone horribly wrong. I am in the process of recovering the data and rewriting the code. I am also trying to figuring out some sort of way to integrate Camping's database with Security's. This has nothing to do with the present upheaval in the ranks. It was a massive screw up on my part, at a particularly BAD time to be without our database.

What is going on with the committee?

I am in talks with management in both Camping and Security. There are a lot of things that are still up in the air. In particular, who the next Chair(person|persons) of Camping will be.

To the best of my knowledge here are the facts:

I may know a little more after Sunday, March 18.

What is going on with the website?

Over the next few weeks I will be bringing functions back online. The first function I'm going to get back online is the database of current volunteers, as well as the mechanism to tell us if you are coming or not for this year.

The plan for the moment is to resurrect the committee database as it was for last year, with a partition in the middle between Camping volunteers still working for Camping and Camping volunteers who are now Security.

The next function I'm going to be working on is the roster system to build schedules.

And a distant third is going to be trying to restore the history.

As I learn information I will post it here.

--Sean "Dot Net" Woods

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